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New Markets Tax Credits and Consulting

New Markets Tax Credits(NMTC) can be used to help reduce or eliminate your federal income tax burden by taking advantage of ongoing projects with limited risk. NMTC are distributed to qualified intermediaries by the U.S treasury to promote growth in low-income markets. These tax credits are then distributed to individual investors who place money with community development entities(CDE) that start real estate projects in those areas. Investors can claim these credits over the span of seven years amounting to 39% of the projects total value while still earning a decent percentage back on their investment. Net Profit Advisors, LLC will help select the right CDE for you by evaluating the profitability and potential credits that can be earned through such investments.

Finding the right financial solutions can be difficult, but with a Net Profit Portfolio, clients can rest assured knowing all possible strategies and options have been evaluated and presented. Our goal is to completely eliminate your income tax burden so that you can focus on what’s really important, Net Profit. For more information on NMTC email info@netprofitadvisors or call (864) 979-0122 to speak with a member of our team. If you have yet to request an invitation, do so by following the link in the top right corner of your screen.