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Net Profit Advisors, LLC (NPA) provides innovative financial solutions and advisement for commercial property owners and real estate investors. We are a company made up of experienced entrepreneurs, certified professional accountants, qualified Engineers, and real estate professionals. We are dedicated to helping our clients maximize cash flow, increase profitability, and create sustainable investments.

Owning real estate can be very lucrative when leveraged correctly, and it can even be used as a financial tool to reduce your federal income taxes. Unfortunately, many investors simply are unaware of the strategies and solutions available because their CPA or their financial planner is handling their real estate investments. The fact is, in order to properly leverage these assets, you must have expertise in commercial real estate tax law, accounting, engineering, and construction. Without that knowledge and expertise, your earning potential is limited and you may be overpaying in taxes.

At NPA, we lift the burden of monitoring the ever-changing tax law and enact strategies that reflect those changes so that our clients can rest assured knowing they’re getting the most out of their investments. If you own commercial real estate, and you’re paying more than 10% in income taxes, you need to contact us today. Our clients make no payments until they have received the benefit of our services, so there is no risk and no upfront costs or hidden fees. Our philosophy is simple, create a positive financial outcome for our clients. If we can’t save you money, you’ll never pay us a dime.

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