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Net Profit Portfolio | How it Works

If you’re a  qualified commercial property investor, or if you have a short term goal to become one, Net Profit Advisors, LLC wants to help. With our team of engineers, accountants, real estate and tax professionals, NPA will help you turn your real estate portfolio into a Net Profit Portfolio. By requesting an invitation, you will begin the process of developing a strategy that will facilitate growth in your business and put cash back into your pocket. Becoming a member of our team is free, and there is no obligation associated with requesting or accepting an invitation. We simply ask for the opportunity to save you money, and if we can’t, our services are free.

Step One:    Request an Invitation

  • If you are requesting an invitation, please be aware the services offered by NPA are meant for commercial real estate investors with more than 5 million in holdings. If you have submitted an application, one of our team members will review your portfolio and contact you directly within 24 hours to set up a meeting.
  • If you have received an invitation and haven’t logged into your Net Profit Portfolio, contact our team at (864) 979-0122 to get setup.


Step Two: Complete your profile

  • In order for NPA to be the most effective in developing a strategy for you, we must have the full picture. So, once you’ve been accepted to join our team, please take the time to tell us about your current properties, tax strategies, and financial goals. This will allow our team to better evaluate your position and design a strategic plan for creating a Net Profit Portfolio.


Step Three: Net Profit Portfolio

  • Having a Net Profit Portfolio means that your real estate investments are maximizing your cash flow and improving your financial position by strategically implementing all available tax strategies and financial solutions. Once we have evaluated your holdings, we will present you with multiple viable strategies for generating and preserving your wealth for years to come. Creating a Net Profit Portfolio isn’t easy, but with Net Profit Advisors, it can be.