Norbert H Crabtree | Partner

Norbert began his career with General Motors Corp., Current Product Engineering division, in Warren, MI. He spent the next ten years in the automotive and defense industry, specializing in product and process manufacturing and engineering. After starting his first company in 1989, he focused on growth through acquisitions and strategic alliances, leading to successful leveraged buyouts with two private and one public company and culminating in a successful divesture in 1997.

Having enjoyed completing the transactions and finding a natural inclination to match buyers and sellers, Norbert entered the mid-market M&A industry, serving as Managing Director for The March Group, LLC and for Strategic Mergers and Acquisitions, LLP through 2001. The events of September 11, 2001, led to a new focus on tax strategies and incentives, as well as ABL alternatives to assist entrepreneurs in increasing cash flow through innovative, comprehensive solutions.

Leveraging existing relationships in the regional CPA community, Norbert built a successful management consulting practice targeting high net worth business owners and real estate investors and serving as intermediary and on-site management consultant to the CPA community and its clients. His involvement with Net Profit combines Norbert’s past roles with a renewed emphasis on providing cost-effective cash flow and acquisition funding to mid-market entrepreneurs.